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Luxemburgerli ®

The Wonderfully Light Temptation

Who doesn't know them by now – Sprüngli's world-famous Luxemburgerlis? It is an incomparable pleasure to let one of these marvellously light delicacies dissolve on your tongue. These mini-macaroons with their delicious fillings have become not just a symbol of Confiserie Sprüngli, but also an emblem for Zurich as such. This speciality was developed more than 50 years ago at the prompting of Richard Sprüngli. Since then the recipe has been constantly refined and improved. The variety of flavours ranges from chocolate, Bourbon vanilla and champagne deluxe right through to raspberry deluxe, lemon and pistachio and is being constantly enhanced to include new irresistible flavour combinations.

Luxemburgerlis are produced using only natural ingredients, without any preservatives or artificial colours. That's why Luxemburgerlis from Sprüngli can boast unmatched freshness. However, these macaroons are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in humidity. So it's possible despite meticulous production methods and use of the freshest possible ingredients that some Luxemburgerlis – depending on the filling – may lose their airy consistency quite quickly. That's why Confiserie Sprüngli recommends that you should enjoy them immediately!


The success of the Luxemburgerli began more than 50 years ago. At the end of 1950s a young pastry chef from Luxembourg, with whose employer the Sprüngli family were friendly, was spending some time in Zurich learning his trade. Here he began to produce the speciality of his Luxembourg master confectioner, and because no-one could come up with a name for the new product, this airy delicacy was simply named the "Luxemburgerli" after its country of origin. As Luxemburgerlis became more and more popular the Sprüngli pastry chefs in Zurich made it their ambition to improve and refine the little macaroons. Nowadays there are more than 30 different kinds of Luxemburgerli, and every month Confiserie Sprüngli creates a new taste experience for its Luxemburgerli connoisseurs. You can find macaroons almost anywhere – but for Luxemburgerlis you have to go to Sprüngli!

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