The wonderfully light temptation from Sprüngli

The legendary Luxemburgerli were launched in 1957 at the suggestion of Richard Sprüngli. Today, the delicate mini macaroons, filled with a light cream made of fresh, natural ingredients are popular at home and abroad – and one of the things people most associate with Zurich.

A success story

When the young Richard Sprüngli left home 60 years ago to gain experience as a confectioner and pastry chef, he was introduced to a fascinating delicacy by a family of friends in Luxembourg. He was gripped by the idea of making this delicious treat himself and so, at his suggestion, the basic recipe for what are now the world-famous Luxemburgerli was created.

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    Flavours as airy as they are light

    Luxemburgerli come in a variety of flavours, ranging from Bourbon Vanilla, Chocolate and Champagne to Raspberry, Citron and Pistachio, with new, irresistible flavours being added all the time through the creation of the month.

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    Best enjoyed fresh

    Luxemburgerli are hand-made fresh every day from natural ingredients, with the greatest of care. Ingredients like cream, butter, milk and eggs sourced from producers in Switzerland are used in their manufacture. Only absolute freshness and top quality make it possible to do without artificial colourings and preservatives.


    Best enjoyed fresh

    Luxemburgerli recipe for at home

    As a special treat on this anniversary, we’ve created a recipe exclusively for our Petits Plaisirs members, allowing you to make your own Luxemburgerli at home. You’ll be surprised how much like the original they taste.

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