Truffes du Jour

The freshest truffles in the world

Along with the light and airy Luxemburgerli, the daily fresh Truffes du Jour established the worldwide reputation of Confiserie Sprüngli – and continue to do so today. The world-famous early birds among truffles with their distinctive size not only make a much-appreciated gift for your loved ones, but also a perfectly indulgent treat for yourself.

Truffes du Jour

Freshness you can feel

Confiserie Sprüngli’s Truffes du Jour are the freshest truffles in the world – lovingly handmade daily to traditional Sprüngli recipes and delivered fresh each morning. Their heart of lusciously smooth-melting chocolate and fresh Swiss cream makes for an intensely creamy taste sensation.

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Lovingly hand-finished

Confiserie Sprüngli’s Truffes du Jour are a masterpiece – both from the inside and the outside. Their filling of lusciously smooth-melting chocolate and fresh Swiss cream lends the Truffes du Jour their superbly creamy character. The Truffes du Jour get their unique appearance from the coating of finest Swiss chocolate. Each truffle is gently rolled over a grid with special utensils until the famous spines form on the surface.


Probably the biggest truffles in the world

At 29 millimetres in diameter, the Truffes du Jour are not only the freshest but probably also the world’s biggest truffles. Their distinctive size, combined with their velvety-smooth character, makes the Truffes du Jour a supremely indulgent treat in exquisite chocolate.

Truffes du Jour Cocos

The utterly unique Truffes du Jour are recreated in a new flavour composition each quarter. From July to September, the Truffes du Jour Cocos surprises with a creamy filling of white chocolate and fresh cream, made even more exquisite with roasted coconut flake

Truffes du Jour Cocos

To be enjoyed immediately

Order the Truffes du Jour online and pick them up from one of our stores on the specified day – for uniquely fresh chocolate indulgence.

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