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Give your employees or customers personalised business gifts

Are you celebrating an anniversary or would you like to surprise your customers, business partners or employees with a personalised gift? An exclusive customer gift from Confiserie Sprüngli is a unique way of adding emotional value and expressing your appreciation. We make it all possible – from delicious praline creations embossed with your company logo and CI-compliant packaging through to unique bespoke designs and delivery anywhere in the world.

Birthday gift for customers and employees

Put a smile on the faces of your employees – surprise them with a personalised Sprüngli birthday gift at their workplace. We offer you an all-round service that even includes delivery to the recipient.

To the gifts



Various pralines and truffles

Step 1: Individualised pralines and truffles

Our popular pralines and truffles represent the highest standards of the confectioner’s art. The exquisite assortment has everything from classic to innovative.   Let yourself be inspired by the mouth-watering range of flavours and put together your own personal mix. 

Individual pralines with company logo

Or go one step further and combine the Sprüngli specialities with your own creations – specify the flavour of the filling yourself, and give your pralines a consummate personal touch by having them imprinted or elegantly embossed with your company logo.

Confectioner embellishes embossed pralines
Pralines printed with company logo

Pralines printed with company logo

Pralines with company logo in relief

Pralines with company logo in relief

Pralines with embossed company logo

Pralines with embossed company logo

Individual business customer packagings

Step 2: The packaging

Apart from the delicacies themselves, we offer excellent packaging options for personalising your corporate presentation. 

Choose between a conventional lid, inside-fitting lid or outer packaging, and also specify the size of your gift box to suit your message.

Business customer packaging conventional lid

Conventional lid

Business customer packaging inside-fitting lid

Inside-fitting lid

Business customer outer packaging

Outer packaging


Combine a base and lid for a perfect mix of colours. Choose from three elegant standard colours and exquisite material finish or create your own colour shade.

Three gift packagings in various colours

Business customer packaging with individual design

Step 3: The finishing touch

Put the finishing touch to your gift with a personalised motif. You can have this printed, embossed or engraved directly on the lid. Another particularly elegant effect is a personal gift ribbon with your company logo.

  • Workplace with employee gift
  • Team gift
  • Sprüngli specialities at meeting

    Team gifts

    Show your team how much you appreciate all their hard work by presenting them with the finest Sprüngli delicacies. Or delight your customers, business partners and employees with Sprüngli specialities at reception – for the pleasure of giving. 

    Gift packages

    Sprüngli specialities at reception

    Personal advice

    Our team of specialists will be happy to advise you on your choice of exclusive, individualised gift ideas. With the help of our team, you can design your very own packaging and fill it with your own pralines and truffles for employees, partners and customers:
    Tel. +41 44 224 46 26

    Find out more about the range of products available:

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