Confiserie Sprüngli’s passion

The art of handcrafted confectionery is the passion of Confiserie Sprüngli. The tradition of the family-owned company has more than 175 years of history. Even today many specialities are produced by hand. This craft requires a team of specialists that allows the traditional recipes to mature over the decades and leads into the future with the necessary creativity. Those who come into the pleasure of a Sprüngli speciality will experience with all their senses the creativity and passion with which they are produced.

Produced by the master hand

With a great deal of love and a passion for perfection, we prepare pralines and truffles by hand fresh daily. Our experience in the production of the finest chocolate specialities makes our pralines and truffles unique. From popular classics to modern CUBA truffles, we offer a varied selection of chocolates.

Confectioner creates chocolate
Confectioner produces Luxemburgerli

We make many of them each and every day. But each one individually.

Today's world-famous Luxemburgerli are elaborately hand-made fresh every day with the greatest of care. We use only natural ingredients of the finest quality.

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    Each flûte turned by hand

    The wonderfully crispy-light flûtes are the crowning of every aperitif. Yet today this Sprüngli classic is produced by hand each day from carefully made yeast dough. The hand-turned aperitif pastry comes in three different types: cheese, cumin and paprika for an aperitif with a change of pace.

    Confectioner bakes cocktail baguettes
    Confectioner sprinkles cocoa over coffee

    The dot on the i

    All foods are lovingly prepared in our cafés and restaurants by hand. From an abundant breakfast, a varied lunch to the cappuccino foam with the Sprüngli lettering.

    The personal touch

    The ingenious combined pralines are decorated with care by hand and persuade with hints of Christmas flavours. Allow yourself to be enchanted.

    Confectioner decorates Christmas Magic