Ingredients and origin

As a Swiss company we believe in Swiss products

“It’s the freshness, dear connoisseurs.” With this guiding principle Confiserie Sprüngli has been transporting its customers from all over the world into the wonderful world of exquisite delicacies for more than 175 years now. Only the best ingredients are used in its in-house production, products with impeccable origins. All products are guaranteed free of flavouring enhancers, colourings and preservatives. Many of our ingredients are sourced directly out of the region. In order to be able to guarantee the freshness of all products, they are produced in a timely fashion and as needed.


Best quality at fair conditions

Chocolate makes people happy. Responsible for this are the contents of the cocoa bean, the most important raw material for manufacturing chocolate. The cocoa used at Confiserie Sprüngli comes from the the world’s best growing regions. The cocoa beans for the Grand Cru chocolates, for instance, come from selected regions in South America and on Madagascar. Other cocoa beans come from Ghana, where one of the best Forastero cocoa beans is cultivated. Confiserie Sprüngli does not buy the cocoa beans itself; instead the couverture it uses is manufactured to its recipes and specifications by its longstanding Swiss partners Max Felchlin AG, Schwyz, and Lindt & Sprüngli AG, Kilchberg. The buying policy of the two suppliers is aligned with the high quality standards and the ethical principles of Confiserie Sprüngli. The company places great value on fairness for working conditions and on compensating the producers. Within the context of joint visits conducted together with the suppliers in the cultivation areas, their adherence is regularly reviewed.

Real vanilla – precious, elegant, natural

Vanilla is the undisputed “Queen of Spices”. This valuable commodity was used as far back as the age of the Incas and Aztecs to give drinking chocolate and cocoa its distinctive flavour. It’s also the reason we flavour our products with natural vanilla from distant countries such as Madagascar, Tahiti, Mexico, Papua Neuguinea and other select growing regions as a seal of supreme quality, and have done so for decades. Careful handling of the valuable raw material and gentle processing of the vanilla are responsible for the natural, elegant flavour. Discover this subtle aroma in our vanilla ice cream, cream slices, Truffes du Jour and above all in our dark Sprüngli chocolate.

Swiss fruits in season

Swiss fruits in season

Confiserie Sprüngli pays particular attention to the quality and origin of the fruits used in Sprüngli specialities such as cakes, Luxemburgerli and ice cream. Whenever the season permits, we use local fruits grown and harvested by Swiss family businesses in line with Confiserie Sprüngli’s wishes. The cherries for our enticing Griottes, for example, come from a family business in the region. Confiserie Sprüngli also sources strawberries and raspberries wherever possible from Swiss producers who share our high quality standards and with whom we have a long-standing relationship.

Swiss freshness one notices

Milk and milk products play a crucial role in the manufacturing of Sprüngli specialities. Truffles, pralines, confectionery and Bircher müesli all contain cream, butter or other milk products. All the while only the best ingredients are good enough for Confiserie Sprüngli. All milk products come exclusively from Swiss producers who fulfil these high standards. Indeed, only absolute freshness and top quality make it possible for us to do without added preservatives.


Swiss free-range eggs for natural lightness

Egg whites lend the popular Luxemburgerli their unique airiness. The eggs used for this, as for gateaux, cakes and other delicacies of Confiserie Sprüngli, come from Swiss free-range chickens. Our suppliers are thus guaranteeing not only the best quality eggs, but also good conditions for the chickens who – thanks to open-air ranges – are able to live out their natural behaviours and meet their need for movement without hindrance. The eggs are always fresh and further processed under flawless hygienic conditions.

The best quality from high standards of animal welfare

Confiserie Sprüngli also places great value on high quality and impeccable provenance when it comes to meat. That’s why Confiserie Sprüngli as a rule uses meat and meat products from Swiss producers. By fulfilling the stringent requirements of the Swiss animal protection legislation, they guarantee high standards of animal welfare. For specialities such as Parma ham or for reasons of availability, meat from abroad with an impeccable provenance is also used. 

The fish products used at Sprüngli (incl. salmon and tuna) come from sustainably managed stocks or ecologically friendly fish farms. 


High percentage of Swiss sugar

Two thirds of the sugar used at Confiserie Sprüngli comes from environmentally compatible domestic production. Besides high quality, this provides for short transport distances and is a contribution to keeping the soil healthy. For a number of its specialities Confiserie Sprüngli uses specially refined sugar from France.

Swiss flour from integrated production

For its fine special breads, Gipfeli, braided yeast buns and brioche Confiserie Sprüngli uses flour certified by IP-Suisse. This flour is produced from GMO-free grain grown in an ecologically compatible way by Swiss family-owned businesses, to a large extent without the use of fungicides and pesticides. IP-Suisse-certified farmers promote biodiversity and protect the natural resources on their farms. When growing cereal crops they are required to comply with strict regulations governing soil and plant protection and the use of fertilizers. The flour used in our bread products contains valuable wheat germ, which is rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and trace elements. 


Natural sea salt for healthy pleasures

Instead of industrially produced table salt Confiserie Sprüngli uses natural sea salt for the manufacture of its products. This is not only more convincing due to taste, but also from a health perspective since besides sodium chloride it contains numerous mineral nutrients and trace elements that are important for the human body.