Sprüngli classics

Our classics have been over 180 years in the making

More than 180 years ago David Sprüngli founded the Confiserie Sprüngli together with his son Rudolf. Unique products have been developed in the small confectioner’s shop in the Zurich Old Town that meanwhile have an international reputation. To the present day our classics like the light, airy Luxemburgerli make people all over the world rave with enthusiasm. The Luxemburgerli are elaborately hand-made fresh every day with the greatest of care. We use only natural ingredients of the finest quality.

  • Various types of Luxemburgerli
  • Raspberry Luxemburgerli
  • Chocolate Luxemburgerli
  • Luxemburgerli Pineapple/Cognac

    Luxemburgerli® the airy, light temptation

    Who doesn't know them, the world-famous macaroons. The speciality was developed over 60 years ago upon the suggestion of Richard Sprüngli. The Sprüngli master confectioners have continued to refine the recipe ever since.

    The variety of flavours range from chocolate, bourbon-vanilla, champagne deluxe to raspberry deluxe, citron or pistachio and new, irresistible flavour creations are constantly being added.

    Truffes du Jour

    The freshest truffles in the world, the Truffes du Jour, are produced daily from a freshly made ganache that is produced according to the Sprüngli recipe from chocolate and fresh cream. Its creamy consistency and the silky smoothness are what characterise the Truffes du Jour besides its freshness. 

    This globally unique delicacy is created in a new flavour composition on a quarterly basis.

    Truffes du Jour
    Truffle Cake

    Truffle cake

    The Sprüngli classic made of delicious chocolate sponge with the finest truffle filling of pure dark Swiss chocolate has been enthusing our customers for well over 50 years already. Did you know that it takes numerous elaborate steps to get the truffle cake to its perfect form?

    Sprüngli Ice Fruits

    Ice Fruits

    Refreshing, natural and exclusive – that's the ice fruits from the Confiserie Sprüngli. The ice fruits are available all year long and always guarantee a successful surprise effect. 

    Grand Cru - Sélection de Truffes

    A unique selection of delicate Grand Cru truffles from the finest cocoa varieties from the world's best cocoa-growing regions, refined with fresh cream and dusted with a touch of cocoa powder – a perfect feast for the palate.

    Gran Cru Pralines