Bonbonnière deluxe à pois dorée Size 1

Bonbonnière deluxe à pois dorée Size 1

A top-quality Christmas gift.

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Available to: 31.12.2016
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The quality bonbonnière with its festive, oriental Paisley pattern contains an unexpected selection of 82 of the finest truffles and pralines, perfect for Christmas.

As you open the elegant bonbonnière, you are struck by its superb quality, and it is hard not to succumb deliciously to the various favourites: Amandines, Arriba-Nuss, Boules, Caramel, Gianduja, Hazelnut Cluster, Limette-Maracaibo, Mandelkörbli, Mandola, Mocca, Noci, Noisettes, Number One dark, Number One milk, Piemonteser, Pistache, Plaisir, Prinzess, Rochers dark, Rochers milk, Rochers white, Spéciales, Truffe Cappuccino, Truffe Caramel-Fleur de Sel, Truffe Classique dark, Truffe Classique milk, Truffe Classique white, Truffe Nougat dark and Truffe Nougat milk.


  • Item number: 16948
  • Shelf life: 36 day(s)
  • Net weight: 1040 g
  • Dimmensions: 37 x 27 x 5 cm
  • Miles & More: 51300
  • Alcohol content: Contains no alcohol
  • Nutritional value: 534 Kcal. / 100g
  • Nuts: Yes