Bonbonnière Switzerland Summer 43 pcs.

Bonbonnière Switzerland Summer 43 pcs.

Finest pralines and truffles for gourmets and connoisseurs.

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Irresistible indulgence for the gift of pure joy: not only for its superb presentation box depicting a summery Swiss mountain landscape, but just as much for its choice contents. The elegant gift box is filled with Amandines, Ananasspitzli, Arriba-Nuss, Boules, Caramel, Gianduja, Haselnüssli, Limette-Maracaibo, Mandelkörbli, Mandola, Mocca, Noci, Number One dark and milk, Piemonteser, Pistache, Plaisir, Prinzess, Rochers dark, milk and white, Spéciales, Truffes Cappuccino, Truffes Caramel-Fleur de Sel, Truffes Classique dark, milk and white, Truffes Nougat dark and milk.


  • Item number: 16249
  • Shelf life: 36 day(s)
  • Net weight: 510 g
  • Dimmensions: 22.5 x 20 x 4 cm
  • Miles & More: 25650
  • Alcohol content: Contains no alcohol
  • Nutritional value: 533 Kcal. / 100g
  • Nuts: Yes