Disposable Tray of Mini Bread Rolls 29 pcs.

Disposable Tray of Mini Bread Rolls 29 pcs.

This platter of cocktail snacks is bound to impress your guests.

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It’s cocktail time – time for filled rolls! In addition to exclusive salmon-filled yeast-bread rolls and other delicious finger-food specialities, this cocktail-snack platter will surprise you with a selection of five different creations. The mini rolls are the versatile all-rounders among the snacks: little canapés topped with all the various delicacies your heart desires. The plate of 29 mini rolls is the uncontested winner on the cocktail snack buffet.

Salmon Yeast-Bread Roll (4 pcs.): with wild Alaskan salmon and delicious horseradish mousse.
Bündnerfleisch Lye Roll (10 pcs.): with Bündnerfleisch meat and fresh rocket.
Courgette Multigrain Roll (5 pcs.): with delicious spread and grilled courgette and tomatoes.
Cheese Nut Roll (5 pcs.): with tangy cheese, fresh rocket and dried tomatoes.
Chicken Breast Corn Roll (5 pcs.): with chicken breast and tomatoes on a mayonnaise spread.


  • Item number: 16969
  • Shelf life: 1 Day
  • Net weight: 1060 g
  • Dimmensions: 32.5 x 26.5 cm
  • Miles & More: 35370
  • Alcohol content: Contains no alcohol
  • Nutritional value: 236 Kcal. / 100g