Truffles Cru Sauvage 16 pcs.

Truffles Cru Sauvage 16 pcs.

A limited rarity for true connoisseurs.

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An exclusive rarity made from wild Bolivian cocoa beans: cru sauvage chocolate, Criollo salvaje de Beni, 70% cocoa. This is enhanced with fresh cream and enrobed in dark couverture to create the limited-edition truffles. Beguile your senses with the 16 truffles and experience exclusive chocolate indulgence.


  • Item number: 14041
  • Shelf life: 21 day(s)
  • Net weight: 160 g
  • Dimmensions: 16 x 16 x 3.5 cm
  • Miles & More: 9720
  • Alcohol content: Contains no alcohol
  • Nutritional value: 519 Kcal. / 100g